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What are the best betting sites for esports?

Addressing the inquiry of the top esports betting sites is challenging, and rankings inevitably have a degree of subjectivity. Our evaluations for leading esports wagering platforms are no different. To provide context to our esportsbook reviews, we’ve outlined the key elements we take into account when assigning a rating to any esportsbook.

While certain criteria might weigh more heavily for some players, we feel that these are the essential considerations every player should ponder upon when deciding if an online sportsbook aligns with their preferences.

What we are looking for when rate the top Esports Betting Sites


One of the advantages of today’s online sports betting landscape is that it’s increasingly challenging for dubious sites to operate compared to ten years ago. Nowadays, a quick Google search can reveal any shady history of an operator, while social media engagements on platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer insights into the credibility of a betting service. Additionally, feedback from various consumers is easily accessible.

The credibility of an operator, coupled with the history supporting that credibility, play critical roles in our evaluation and reviews of betting sites.

Securing and accessing funds for esports bettors

  • How straightforward is the withdrawal process for players?
  • What’s the duration for processing withdrawals?
  • What feedback do players provide about their withdrawal experiences on social media and discussion forums?
  • How varied are the methods for depositing and withdrawing money on the site?
  • How does the site handle player funds – are they kept in a separate account?

The answers to these questions are a significant part of the analysis that goes into assigning our ratings for esports betting sites.

Variety of esports games

After ensuring that you trust an online sportsbook with your details and money, the subsequent consideration is how well the offerings of that sportsbook align with your esports preferences.

While we understand that merely having a vast range of esports doesn’t equate to the best betting experience, we do give a higher rating to operators that meld a high-quality product with expansive coverage. This is because most gamers and esports fans aren’t limited to a single game in their interests.

Range of esports betting offerings

This standard is quite personal, as bettors have varied preferences. While some are content with low-limit match betting, others lean towards high-stakes bets on unconventional results. We give this factor a moderate emphasis, acknowledging that no single betting option will cater to every player. Yet, a diverse betting selection is likely to appeal to a broader audience.

Welcome bonuses at esports casinos and sportsbooks

In addition to ongoing VIP schemes and promotions, esports betting sites usually present newcomers with some form of registration bonus. These bonuses vary significantly from one sportsbook to another, and merely glancing at them might not give a clear picture due to the associated terms and conditions. Here, we provide a concise guide to understanding the most prevalent — and crucial — terms tied to bonuses for fresh entrants at esports casinos and sportsbooks.

Every esports betting promotion comes with its terms and conditions (often referred to as the small print). While these conditions might appear insignificant, they can have major implications. We highly recommend players to scrutinize the details and seek clarification from the operators if any aspect of a promotional offer seems ambiguous.

Deposit bonuses at esports casinos

Deposit bonuses share similarities with free bet bonuses, though they often come with heftier amounts and slightly more intricate terms to access that money.

  • Minimum Deposit: Match bonuses usually have a base amount that you must deposit to qualify.
  • Bonus Rate: Most bonuses come with a specified percentage known as the match rate. Your deposit gets “matched” according to this rate, up to the defined bonus limit.
  • Bonus Ceiling: This is the maximum limit of the bonus you can receive.
  • Wagering Requirement: To convert bonus money into funds you can play with, you need to bet a specific amount of your real money.
  • Duration: Typically, there’s a set period both for claiming the bonus and for meeting its requirements.

Welcome Bonuses

A common feature on most esports betting websites, welcome bonuses provide players with additional funds upon their initial deposit. This usually matches a portion of your first deposit, up to a specified limit, enhancing your betting capacity from the get-go.

No Deposit Bonuses

While uncommon, when they do appear, they’re quite delightful. No deposit bonuses grant you a modest sum of complimentary funds to explore the betting site, eliminating the need to use any of your own money.

Free Bets

Free bets are a frequent offering on esports sites. In essence, they let you bet on a specific game or event without putting your own funds on the line.

Cashback Offers

Cashback promotions serve as a method for betting sites to lessen the impact of losses for their users. If your wagers don’t pan out, the website will refund a portion of your stake, cushioning the impact of a setback.

Best eSports Betting Sites FAQ

What are esports betting sites?

Esports betting sites are online platforms where individuals can place wagers on various esports tournaments and matches.

How do I choose the best esports betting site?

Consider factors like licensing, reputation, available games, odds offered, payment methods, and user reviews.

Are esports betting sites legal?

The legality of esports betting varies by country. Always check the laws in your jurisdiction before participating.

How do odds work on esports betting sites?

Odds represent the probability of an event happening. They dictate potential payouts. The more unlikely an event, the higher the odds and potential return.

Can I bet on esports events live?

Yes, many esports betting platforms offer live betting, allowing you to place wagers while the event is ongoing.

Is it safe to bet on esports online?

While many reputable sites offer a secure betting environment, always ensure the platform is licensed, uses SSL encryption, and has positive user reviews.

Can I use cryptocurrency for esports betting?

Some esports betting sites accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, but always check the site’s payment methods.

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